For God’s sake, “keep it simple”

If someone asks me what is the best practice to finish a software project successfully, I say “Keep it simple”. Well you heard it many times. But actually did you follow it. In fact its quite simple to keep things once you leave your ego and selfish thoughts away. If you think I am just bullshitting I can make you agree by the end of this blog.

Lets take the example latest buzz words cloud and BIGGGG Data. Almost all the IT departments kept saying one single mantra now, we should move our data to cloud. We should use BigData technologies for for our data. When you actually look into the details, total number of records are just around lakh or two or at most half a million. Every stupid database even your so called file based hsql can handle it. Do we really think we should move it Hadoop? Can’t we just put it in normal database and put some indexes and use it? But we wont, because your ego gets hurt when the other guy is saying he is using BigData in his project and also most of the companies pay big packages to bigdata guys only.

Even if we take example of web, we hear a lot of new frameworks ( being JSChannel member, I spread them too 😉 ). Yes they are powerful. But do you need an angular framework for a simple CRUD application. On top of it a build technology for frontend and a specialization saying frontend engineering. Why not just keep it simple stupid jQuery like thing. Why do you introduce extra tool tips and beautiful transitions. Then comes our specialists for SEO and responsive design. If you had kept your site simple and straight, you don’t need someone to tell you use extra header tags and keywords.

Lets look at “The Agile Business” which claims they will solve all your problems with Agile (Btw I am a hardcore lover of Agile Principles not “The Agile Business”). With out looking at the problem how can anyone say follow Agile. Many coaches and consultants around the world made “Agile” a marketing term. They come up with complex terms and stuff for simple commonsense. Otherwise who will pay them heavily if they say just say use simple commonsense.

Before talking about solution, identify the problem. Go thorough it thoroughly till you find the root cause and find solution for that problem first. Then think of putting new features or the “Next” great thing. This I tried keeping things simple but unfortunately wasn’t successful as the whole world around me want to solve bigger problems, so they want to create them first.


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