Google web designer : is it actually for designing web?

Today Google has announced beta release of “Google web designer” – “Create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device.” Like any other google product, webdesigner is quick to download and install. Quite amazed with the ease of installation and I have immediately started building small web page with it. But after just 10 mins I realized that this tool is not a web design tool but “Ad Designer” or you can call it as “Ad Studio”. This is not at all for developers. This is a tool for advertisement agencies to design animated ads to publish on google ads.

Google continued to be the master of simple and most user friendly design. Tool UI looks awesome and it has a light weight feel. But my excitement ended here :(. I was expecting a good tool to quickly build html pages. But its timeline , 3D drawing and color palette features are clearly suggest this is not for creating a web page which is more of contents than animating things around.


Except some simple animations, most of the animations are nothing but a match (geometrical) function. Not sure how much this tool can help developers to create animations even. Lets see what google would add to make it more web designer tool.


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