A useful and wonderful way to share code : gist

When I started writing blogs to share small code snippets I used to fight a lot to align them and style them. This was one of the friction point to share code snippets and there is no fun in technical blog without snippets 🙂 . Then since last few months I was seeing lot of blogs with gists. This is a very easy, effective and beautiful way to share and manage code snippets with community.

Simple steps to start using gists on free wordpress hosting :

  1. Create a github account if you dont have any yet
  2. Go to following URL : https://gist.github.com/
  3. Create gist by choosing the programming language, providing proper description and actual code
  4. Copy the link on left bottom on the page with label “Link to this gist”
  5. Use following wordpress macro :
    [gist https://gist.github.com/ggembali/5530489 ]

I just learned it this morning and below is my first gist 🙂 .


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