Why you might want to learn AngularJS

Job interviews are not always an one side communication, sometimes you can get some knowledge from interviewer. Last week one of the interviewer told me about AngularJS while we are talking about latest JS frameworks. That is when I started checking about it. I spent an hour on it and I already become a fan of it 🙂 . The whole structure and syntax is so nice to accommodate the latest developments with enterprise level web projects.

Previously developers especially Java developers used to run away from Javascript and tried to keep it to minimal even in web projects. With latest developments and trends javascript become main stream framework where you can write almost everything in it. AngularJS has clear separation of  markup from javascript by making use of extra attributes in the tags rather than javascript producing markup. This is what attracted me towards using it in my next enterprise project

  • Developers and UI designers can work independently in parallel with out crossing each other
  • Change in markup or javascript is easy as both of them are linked via attributes. Infact this concept looks like Wicket framework in Java.
  • Final but important code will look cleaner.


Please note that this is my first 1 hour impression of AngularJS and I feel major advantage because of its structure. Happy Javascripting :).


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