Why were/are you not writing blogs : Me-Present Vs Me-Past

Its been long time since I wrote any blog. Not that I have been writing one a day previosly. But I am slowly realising that putting thoughts (digital) on paper is more relaxing than piling them inside my mind where they get rotten and finally thrown away.Yesterday when I was looking at the drafts in my wordpress acocunt, I saw a draft explaining my idea about js templating engine similar to velocity in java which was 3 yrs old. Now there are so many such frameworks available and being used so extensively. This made me feel bad. Then opened my beer and lied on my bed to start a time travel in past to see “Why I haven’t published it?”. This is the conversiation between Me-Present and Me-Past (one inside my mind giving reasons).

ME-Present : Why you haven’t published it?
ME-Past :Well, the blog is not complete.
ME-Present : Why haven’t you completed it? Dont you have enough thoughts
ME-Past : Well I know what I want to write. But I am not sure that is a good idea.
ME-Present: What if it is not a good idea?
ME-Past :Ummm … Then people wont like it.
ME-Present : If people dont like it, what harm might happen? Will you be fired from editor job of your blog site?
ME-Past : Ummmmmmmm…. No. But it is waste of time to write that blog when I know people wont like it.
ME-Present : How much time do you need to write a 3 paragraphs?
ME-Past : Around 3 hours.
ME-Present : Everyday you must be spending atleast 2 hours facebooking checking what your friend doing in US and liking girls stupid pics and status updates but you dont have time for writing a Blog?
ME-Past : I get relaxation when I browse FB, which I need.
ME-Present : But Do you really need 2 hours of FB relaxation. There is no fun in Blogging ..

In fact above fight went for around an hour. Finally I realised that I was just lazy and complaining. There is really no reason to why I cant complete this blog. Like me for many people, this is a problem. They start with something then they get lazy or have some doubt in their mind and dont complete it. May be it is time to just have look at your drafts once. And also self-retrospection is really useful and fun 🙂 as you know yourself better. More over you cant lie to yourself 😉 .

PS : Not writing this to inspire anyone, just want to kick start my blogging again.


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