Eclipse : Searching for a resource based on complete path

If you are a user of eclipse, (Ctrl + SHIFT + R) is one of the most know and used keyboard shortcut. Whenever we want to search for a resource, we type the Regex to filter the results. But sometimes you might want to apply the filter on complete path. Here is a small tip for that purpose.

In my project I have multiple files with same name but under different paths (obviously đŸ˜‰ ). So whenever I want to open a file I have to manually navigate to the file. It was quite frustrating most of the times.

Suppose you want to open “view.jsp” from “details” folder, if you use “*details*view.jsp” wont help. It will apply the regex on filename only. You should use file separators in the regex for this. You need to separate the regex for matching path and regex for matching filename with “/”. For example for the above search you can type : “*language*/view*jsp


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