Common mistakes made in Agile projects based on new technologies : Xebia Blog

“In recent times Agile methodology have proved its worth by successfully executing the projects. It minimizes the risk by developing software in short amounts of time. With this iterative model it also minimizes the cost of change in requirements, which makes it suitable for current dyanmic market. Two main practices that helps the developer to incorporate the change are refactoring and simple design. But when it comes to doing these two things with a completely new technology, it might be hard to implement.

In this article I am going to share some of my experiences with my first project. This is an agile project based on a technology which is new to the whole team. I spent around two weeks in understanding the technical features and strengths of the technology.Where as others in the team had never worked with it or similar technology. Here I will discuss about some mistakes that ( I feel 😉 )we did while executing the project. “



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